PodcastLogo.com is a labor of love by Doxien Roberts (or better known as Dox) and fully created for the benefit of the Podcasting Community. All logos submitted to this site are under the Creative Commons License. You have full permission to use these logos for any personal or commercial use. Most logos are created for a specific site in mind. However, you are welcome to modify the logos to fit your needs. This site is also open to other people’s efforts. If you would like to provide a logo feel free to contact me.

PodcastLogo.com came about due to the vision of a German podcaster, Annik Rubens, who wanted to create a symbol for the podcasting community. A contest was launched in 2006 to find such a logo. The idea turned into an international contest. Over ninety logo entries were submitted and a poll of 2,000 people determined the final ten logos. To determine the overall winner of the top ten submissions, a second poll was taken, and over 3000 people worldwide casted their vote. The winner of the Podcast Logo contest was Peter Marquardt.

Peter won with the below entry. You can download the winning logo and variations of it over at Peter’s site.